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Individual Membership


$ 99.00

An individual membership is complete with Courage to Change Action Planning for Wellness & Resiliency Course 1- 16 hours of a two day program to assist in making a personal action plan to deal with predictable and unpredictable tough times in your life. Whether or no you are military, law enforcement, first responders or civilians, completing this retreat will help you feel more prepared for a better future and increase the qualify of your personal life.

Plus Membership includes:

  • Unlimited virtual   'Meeting Hall ' support groups

  • Family Add-on for $ 49.00 per month

  • Programs vary: Courage to Change 10 weeks -weekly meeting 2 hours/text included

Individual Peer Support Navigator Services

$ 250 

$ 50.00

Peer Navigator individual support is provided with Courage to Change Action Planning for Wellness & Resiliency Course is 16 hours of scheduled appointment time to assist a client in creating their personal action plan to heal the invisible wounds from previously tough times (OSCAR), renewal, --and resiliency-- body, soul, and spirit for days and years to come. 

  • Peer-to-Peer in-person Monday-Saturday daytime or evening appointments at the Center, (or digital). Upon special circumstances or based on disabilities, the Peer Navigator can meet in person at a safe, public location (library, church, office, community building, or college/school campus) with travel time hour fee added.

  • Peers are always assigned same 'shared-experience' guidelines of certifications, and best-practices guidelines, inclusively with regard for the individual human rights and equality of both parties safety and well-being.

  • 12+ APPR Focus 'Meeting Hall' Groups are $ 5.00 at the Center in lieu of 'hourly' Individual Peer Support. (See below)

'Meeting Hall' Support Groups 

Monday- Saturday

Times Vary

$ 5.00

Choosing a Membership or Individual Plan is offered by us based on our mission and purpose to meet people 'where they are' and intent to provide access to as many holistic health services possible affordable to everyone, with or without insurance coverage.

'Meeting Hall Groups' are support groups regularly scheduled,  provided giving an opportunity for sharing 'wellness & resiliency' tools, skills, daily maintenance, goals & objectives, resources, emotional, logical, and spiritual support by 'Peer Group' Focus. Unlike a traditional 12 Step Group, there is an exchange of questions, answers, feed back, added information, or resources discussion. 

  • Peer Navigators facilitate the group, assisting with information, resources, or services links to assist with the successful implementation of 'Wellness Plans' short and long-term.

  • Membership Fees include unlimited 'Meeting Room' Support Groups participation

  • Individual Plan Fees 'Meeting Room' Support Groups are $ 5 per meeting

We also provide 'gathering room space' for traditional 12 Step Group Meetings for any group upon request, to be scheduled and reserved, for 'FREE' based on their agreement to Sponsor and Facilitate the group with their own representative. 


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