Mind-Body Calming

Volunteers Recruitment as 'TM Test Pilots' for our C2C Change Wellness & Resiliency Services

10 Military, Law Enforcement, or 1st Responders receive FREE

'Temple Massager', C2C Individual Peer Class (16 hrs) & 6 months of Peer Support Services

VALUE: $ 1,500.00

If you are interested in being a volunteer or referring someone to be a volunteer for this,       

“TM ™ Mission’

email us: TempleMassager@veteranpathwayshome.org

or call 804.384.9325 extension 5.

The first ten emails or calls will be

first in line for the Mission.


As Always,

'No one is ever left behind.....

We are also offering our Courage to Change,

Action Planning for Wellness & Resiliency

16 hour class fee of  $ 250,

includes a

TM ™ device for every participant (value $ 70),

June 20-September 7 (Labor Day).

or call 804.384.9325 extension 5.

Message from Sharon Schlerf Newcomb

Several weeks ago I received an email from Joe Meisch, US Army Veteran and inventor of the patented Temple

Massager ™. Referred to

us by a friend of his in

Palo Alto CA,

     Joe and I shared our

experiences with

challenges faced by

physical injuries as well

as the post-traumatic

stress injuries, causing

disruptions in the

quality of our lives and

the amazing possibilities

to share this with our

Beacon Institute: Veteran Pathways Home members.
   Joe and I are equally diligent in authenticating programs, devices, and services before endorsing them, even as he shared all of the validations from accredited health professionals, military medical centers, with research data and their recommendations and provision to their patients and clients, documenting website and other resources noted on our website. 
    My health and disabilities have been diagnosed: Myoclonic Seizures (fully body muscle spasms ‘intortions-- severely painful), Fibromyalgia, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Post –Traumatic Stress Injury, during a snow/ice storm, as an emergency responder directing stranded motorists and vehicles to safety. 
   Joe has generously donated 10 Temple Massagers™ for us to design, recruit, and provide our Courage to Change, SAMSHA based Action Planning for Wellness & Resiliency holistic health programs. With research and acquiring statistical data, we want to measure the best-practices & effective resources added to all of our programs.

     Since started adding specialized services (in February 2020), who also put their lives on the line everyday:

 Law Enforcement & First Responders, and will include them in our offer to join ME as  'Test Pilots' for FREE wellness and resiliency class, peer support services for 6 months, for this an ongoing benefit for others.

     Yes, I’ve been ‘the test pilot’ for several weeks and with absolute certainty, can validate how effective this ‘gift’ has helped me (with added COVID-19 stressors), and will continue to use it regularly, best at night. When my body and mind are most stressed from a long day, though often take a break during daylight hours (triggered), as needed.
   For me, sleep has always been the most challenging due to chronic pain, and dream flashbacks, I can say “I am sleeping well”, if I wake up, it is close by, and I apply it to go back to sleep.      Among other benefits, also knowing that consistency over time, added for me prayer (or mediation), counting backwards from 100, as I '

relax and let go’ added value.