Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) with

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) for

Wounded Warriors & Families

Courage to Change: Warrior Way Housing Projects

Our Wounded Warriors & Families need permanent supportive housing (PSH) that provides holistic body, mind, spirit support services.


     This is a unique time within our country's long history of aid and attendance for veterans, now emerging needs for Post-911 service members, veterans, and families housing with services for many who are younger with challenging mental health and physical disabilities ---that are not being provided by US Department of Veterans Affairs, or other agencies, non-profits or community based resources.

Sharon (Schlerf) Newcomb is has been a Consultant for over 30 years in   

               Real Estate Certified Commercial Investment Management (CCIM) and

Planned Unit Development (PUD).

She is also an expert in Permanent Supportive Housing Evidence Based-Practices (EBPs) 

for Special Needs Populations for over 20 years.


       Within a system, change affects housing and services stakeholders differently. Consequently, when making changes in the mental health system, mental health agencies should expect varied reactions from staff, community members, consumers, and families.


Since misunderstandings can stymie your efforts to implement evidence-based practices (EBPs) and meeting the special needs for permanent housing and supportive services, it is important to build consensus to implement EBPs in the community.


     Practitioner training alone is not effective. The experience of  investors, developers, lenders, and physical/mental health authorities and agencies that have successfully implemented EBP reinforces the fact that especially, Service Member, Veteran and Families (SMVF) services  require a Comprehensive Continuum of Care (CCoC). Integrating all stakeholders and organizing then implementing new housing (or rehab) construction and development, Then, supportive services practitioners and training must be complemented by a broad range of implementation activities, 

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