Reconciling with Faith

One day it was there,

And then it was gone.

So long ago,

Almost forgotten,

Until I needed it.

Sitting on a closet shelf,

so far in the back,

and in the dark,

it was dusty and broken,

Until I needed it.

When everything was fine,

everyone was happy,

the world smooth on its axis,

it was almost invisible,

Until I needed it.

Though I had said ‘Thank You’,

many times, sitting in the pew,

for Sunday’s appreciation,

really wasn’t considered,

Until I needed it.

From the Pastor’s mouth,

flowed Biblical verses,

messages profound and wordy,

lost in the rafters,

Until I needed it.

Like many things taken for granted,

remained ignored and forsaken,

waiting for the day,

in the lost and found,

Until I needed it.

On the day that Jesus came,

and went away again,

I wasn't left behind,

for abandoning Faith,

Until I needed it.


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