It Doesn't Have to Be This Way: Part V

Direction in an Age of Confusion

Direction in an Age of Confusion is a book I began writing in 1998, and have distributed parts of it three times since then, adding facts, with a goal of publishing in before Year 2020, to prepare us for what is happening ‘right now’ and what may be in times to come.

Since it's a work that combines both ‘Faith’ and ‘Secular’ material, I’m posting secular content within the TCD Blog, and those who would like to have the entire content, inclusive of ‘Faith' or 'Spiritual' Core Beliefs) the option is a paid subscribtion delivered digitally that will be available next Thursday via a tab on our website.

In any case, Direction in an Age of Confusion is an academic work, historically correct, with experience, research and data comprehensively revealing the journey of our country and its residents for more than the last twenty two years, and potential outcomes of the next twenty or more.

Especially the learning curve of ‘COVID-19’ and our personal journeys moving forward mindfully, resilient, wellness, self-determination and Hope…

When I was born, my father was in the U.S. Army, stationed in Puerto Rico, and I lived there for the first three years of my life. Studies have proven that from the ages, Infant to 5 years old, we learn lessons having the most impact in social and intellectual development in anyone’s life. Family, stability, nourishment, and culture are part of what we learn for life skills, better or worse.

The Army life atmosphere was and is, highly structured; the basic military mind-set is duty, service, mission, teamwork, and chain of command. Military rules and regulations for the common good and survival of all, in country or out of country. Military mission and purpose are to protect people, quality of life, and sustainability for independence and freedoms. Military members are wounded or die on battlefields ensure these for everyone.

For more than fourteen years, we were duty assigned and relocated to various military posts: Kansas, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. One thing remained constant, everywhere we lived, on military installations or within the local community, we loved our country, so did the others around us, neighbors, civilian or military, young or old, all colors, races, faith, and nationalities. Somehow, we shared all of our holidays peacefully and respectfully.

In schools, children were expected to learn not only education reading, writing and arithmetic, but social skills, friendship, loyalty, kindness, respect, compassion, sharing, negotiating, leadership, proper language and life skills. When these lessons weren’t available at home, school was the safe place, a teacher who cared, helping you to succeed. My elementary school records list citizenship, manners, paying attention, obeying rules, completing work on time, reflecting behavior and values considered necessary in our society; my grand-children have similar (yet very different) report cards today. However, overall, we’re experiencing escalating violence in homes, schools, sports events, entertainment venues, even churches, synagogues, and mosques, across all cultures and geographies.

That’s what we have in common now. Maybe it starts with a few, a minority of people, influencing our government officials and elects, and another ideology slithers its way down into our lives and communities, seeding discord and division.

Our Founders planned for the beginning and for today, as so stated in the Declaration of Independence, and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Take a moment to refresh your memory or for the first time, read via my DAC subscription book, or look them up online or other publications.

The Declaration of Independence ends with “To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.” Within my syllabus, here is an introduction to, 1) Areas of Change, 2) Basis, 3) Methods of Change, and 4) Intended Results. These are consistent formats Study Guide, for all of the Direction in An Age of Confusion (the book is formatted in charts and graphs for topics for visual and comparable amplification).


Law & Order


U.S. Constitution (Legislative Branch) Supreme Court (Judiciary) President (Executive)

Method of Change:

· Congress consistently alters or refuses to pass laws and/or allegiance to Political Party Motivation

· Judiciary inconsistent with definitions & interpretations changing law from bench (Activism)

· President does not represent voter majority due to Congressional majority

Intended Results:

· Lack of Voter Participation, Specialist Interest Groups/Lobbyist Laws

· Distrust of Laws Enforcement, Confusion of Law and Standards Disobedience Federal vs State Rights

· Lack of true voter citizen representation, Tyranny over Majority, Disintegration System Disengagement of the Public

I wrote this beginning September 11,1998, provided copies during September 11, 2001, added content and distribution September 11, 2008, and as we are experiencing a sudden halt (through COVID-19) of our usual day-to-day routines and have the opportunity to hit the pause button in our lives, here are some questions each of us can consider:

· What was your life like twenty years ago? Ten years ago? Five?

· Is your life better or worse? Quality of life, peace, stability, health, in what ways….

· Is society and community around you is as a whole, better or worse?

· If your life and the lives of your children or family, in the future is to be determined by your decisions and actions of ‘today’, what are you going to change? Or do?

Because if the answers are troubling, in doesn’t have to be this way….


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