It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way – Part III Our times are times of uncertainty…

Perhaps never before in recorded history have events changed as rapidly as they have in the past several decades (or last month). In many ways the human being was not built to live in such rapidly changing conditions. And the stress which changing times places upon us now -- will mostly likely increase in the coming years.

Dr. Mark Thurston, Experiments in a Search for God Part 2 Spirituality (1993-2007):

The development of our ability to cope with the turmoil and uneasiness we see constantly around us is probably our greatest challenge. Dr. Carl Rogers, a pioneer in humanistic psychology, calls this issue a problem far greater than nuclear weapons or the population explosion. In a paper entitled “Interpersonal Relationships: USA 2000,” he writes:” Can (mankind) keep up with the ever-increasing rate of technological change, or is there some point at which the human organism goes to pieces?”

Perhaps the answer to Dr. Rogers’ question lies at least partially in this principle: Times of uneasiness and turmoil bring out either the best or worst in us. In other words, stress and change have a polarizing effect. We will observe this in both our individual lives and in society at large. On some days, the difficulties of these times will bring out the worst side of impatience, skepticism, and worry. And yet, on other days, when we are coming from a more centered place, the same outer conditions can stimulate us to faith and never-before-used inner resources. In our society, we can expect to see in the coming ten to twenty years (currently 2020) a polarizing into two communities: people of faith and hope versus people of fear and worry.

Of course, our job is to try to maintain membership in that first group. One way in which we do this is by responding creatively to daily life situations which present uneasiness and turmoil. Our challenge and opportunity is to not let our hearts be troubled….

So often we are harried, tense and overburdened by the stresses and turmoil of the times even prior to this COVID-19 event. Many of us were overwhelmed by duties, responsibilities, home, work, or family obligations, both in the civilian and military community during active duty stateside or even more during deployments. Stretched to the limit, we already struggled with coping and health stability, relationships and life.

Now we are faced with additional conditions well beyond our own control (COVID-19).

There is a way, properly applied, to lift us out of the community of people who fear and worry, into the faith and hope community: Courage to Change ‘your thinking’. Build a healthy relationship with yourself, and build the health of your family, instead of being a human organism going to pieces, become a whole person in total wellness of body, soul (mind/emotions), and spirit, strengthening core resiliency, with a steadfast resolve to overcome the challenges that life brings, including COVID-19.

The choices are clear, be part of the solution,

so it doesn’t have to continue this way.

Michael & I are going to help you,

beginning tomorrow, our totally unique, Peer to Peer,

'Total Wellness in Times of Trouble' videos begin.


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