It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way – Part II

So much has happened since the last Blog, but what is most interesting to me, is that the continuing subject, “It doesn’t have to be this way” was already in process-- before the Coronavirus announcements began. The message today, is as important or even more so, than before.

Faith (from the Search for God), too often our tendency is to look to the rational, analytical mind when we must decide whether we have faith in something. (1) A rational paradox, or (2) all the right reasons why we should have faith, yet --still a feeling of emptiness or doubt. Faith is more an experience of the heart (Soul/Emotion) than of the head (Soul/Logic).

One of the challenges of faith is to accept the circumstances that are given in any moment and trust that they are what is needed for growth—that what is required each day is provided. We find this principle in the story of the Israelites in the wilderness. The manna that was needed for each day was given; however their faith broke down, and out of a sense of fear they tried to collect more than was necessary, the food spoiled. (Exodus 16:11-31).

One interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer points to the same concept. As we say “Give us our daily bread”, we are asking that only that amount of creative energy be awakened from within which we can use in a constructive way THIS DAY.

That which we have right now (be it the degree of our physical health, the amount of money we have in the bank, the number of friends we have, etc.) is a condition our own soul has created, uniquely tailored to fit our needs for growth and awareness. Any movement in consciousness can take place only from where we are, and so we are required to make the most constructive use we can of what we have. Once we have grown in awareness under those circumstances, we are free to accept new ones.

Experiment: Select and write down an aspect of your life in the material world in which you find yourself, then consider the CURRENT CONDITIONS and write down the ways you are challenged to grow by these conditions.


Desire: ‘More appreciation from others’

Challenge: ‘To do things out of love and not for praise or gain from others’

Do we know in whom or what we believe? If so than the ideal or standard toward which we move becomes the basis for the activity of faith in constant action from the mental, imaginative and spiritual forces.”

Dr. Mark Thurston wrote this material in 1976, (some I have paraphrased for this time) in the book, Experiments in a Search for God published by the Edgar Cayce Foundation.

Our nation, and the world, are experiencing for many – a crisis of faith. Questions of who’s to blame for the Coronavirus? How many people will be affected by illness, death, financial hardship, conflict within community, politics, and even division and distance of social personal contact, that isolates instead of coming together?

Does it have to be this way? In the physical, necessary for the containment of a virus (which will also help curtail the flu that has resulted in illness and death tolling hundreds of thousands since last Fall), yes – necessary.

Does it have to be this way mentally? Courage to Change ‘our thinking’, is based on ‘choices’, wisdom, timing, and action appropriate to our personal and community experience.

Does it have to be this way spiritually? We can express a positive active force of showing or manifesting, or bringing to light, a deeper sense of faith, sharing and encouraging others, through unity, rather than division.

The choices are clear, have faith - be part of the solution,

so it doesn’t have to continue this way.


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