It Doesn't Have to Be Like This: Part VI

Direction in an Age of Confusion

As I review this work I began so long ago, it is unnerving to be sharing it in these days of ‘COVID-19’. Essentially, it has turned into uncanny accuracy, for what was thought, spoken, and written over 22 years ago, as actual events unfolding day by day, experiential first-hand in our lives.

A great amount of trepidation for me, as the author of prescient turned documentary narrative with a plot that weaves its way into a chronicle, a ‘study’ guide for everyone (who reads it) to consider, appraise, examine, sift evidence, inspect, and decide its ‘Truth’.

Within my syllabus, here is the next segment continuing from last week:

Structure: Social & Religion 1) Areas of Change, 2) Basis, 3) Methods of Change, and 4) Intended Results


Social & Religion


Declaration of Independence

“Dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires…All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,- that to secure these rights Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Method of Change

Rights vs Obligations

· Behavior issues turn into Social vs Religion & become Political Issues

· Ten Commandments removed from public (Behavior Rules), Prayer is banned from schools, but no ‘Moral Code’ commandments for behavior ‘replace’ for overall society’s benefit

· Faith, History, and Cultural heritage become ‘wrong’ as well as historical artifacts revisionism

Intended Results

A few ‘non-believers’ enforce restricted Freedom of Religion or Majority Ethical Moral Code creating ‘Division

Misinterpretations of Church vs State over-rides the legal obligations to uphold ‘Freedom of Religion’ creates alienation, limits social services, outreach to the impoverished, previously performed by these groups comparatively

Ethical Moral Code

· Freedom Legal Rights

· Shared Values Integrity

Method of Change

· Restrictions on Faith-based organizations and Non-Profit organizations funds, sources of funds, expenditures are based on funds availability, instead of foundation local community services and outreach based on ‘social welfare’ agencies

Intended Results

· Welfare systems support become a Government Agency with less individual responsibility

· Faith moral code of providence, provisioning, and social stewardship fades

· Separation of society (Moral Code) responsibility shifts to Government Responsibility

In these days of COVID-19, who is taking care of your needs?

Faith-Based Organizations or Government?

Because for us, regardless of what you think ‘SBA government loans’ are not providing funding for small faith-based organizations like us, -- to support the Warrior Way Wellness Center. Our profitability is not high enough, and we applied for Paycheck Protection (change of ‘rules/guidelines’ two days later) and were denied. Our staff members are independent contractors, based on their health or service- connected challenges, Reservists, specific duties, or other circumstances:

Service Members, Veterans and Families, Law Enforcement & First Responder support services are limited until COVID-19 is over, but our volunteers are doing the best they can to continue. Michael and I are not paid ‘employees’, and never have been, we too, volunteer.

We are dependent on our non-profit faith-based organization self-earned income from programs and services we provide to the community, based on ability to pay – or not; continuing on the generosity of those giving their time to benefit others from the providence, provisioning, and social stewardship of Faith.

Now, it is time to decide for your answers to these four questions:

  • What was your life like twenty years ago? Ten years ago? Five?

  • Is your life better or worse? Quality of life, (liberty, pursuit of happiness) peace, stability, health, in what ways….

  • Is society and community around you is as a whole, better or worse?

  • If your life and the lives of your children or family, in the future is to be determined by your decisions and actions of ‘today’, what are you going to change? Or do?


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