Blue Christmas Holiday Survival

It’ll be so blue just thinking about you...

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree...

Won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me...

And when those blue snowflakes start falling...

That’s when those blue memories start calling...

You’ll be doing all right, with your Christmas of white...

But I’ll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.”

(Songwriters: Jay W. Johnson, Billy Hayes)

Disappointment, unmet expectations, physical & emotional illness and the death of a loved one, are all examples of losses that occur in our lives. The culmination of life experiences past years, or maybe just one situation for many of our military members and their families, some deployed overseas, others serving stateside, —these challenges can be overwhelming.

Holidays and anniversaries highlight the emotional turmoil that grief brings. Working through grief doesn’t help us to ‘forget’ what we have lost, but it does help us grow in understanding, comfort, coping skills, and peace in the midst of change.

Our primary goal is to provide an event and program for sharing and healing together over the holiday season.

Our Courage to Change programs not only develop ways to deal with many kinds of losses during the holidays, but can also be applied to support wellness in the Body, Soul (Mind/Emotions), and Spirit the rest of the year and bring in the new one, with optimism, wellness and resiliency.

Previously, during the holidays, at a convenient location such as libraries and churches, we’ve offered a program called “Holiday Survival Kit for a Blue Christmas’. It’s based on our comprehensive APPR Level I, 16-hour holistic health class. So ‘HSKBC’, is modified version, with specific focus and solutions for the holidays provided as a a three (3) hour program adding a weekly peer support group meeting starting the week before Thanksgiving, and completing the end of December. (It is a ‘free’ program, a gift from Beacon Institute --us to you.)

Highlights: Developing A Wellness Toolbox, Maintaining Wellness Hardest Parts of the Holidays, My Thoughts. My Feelings. My Day, Triggers, and Action Planning Event Calendar for Body, Soul, Spirit harmony and good will.

Since our Warrior Way Wellness Center is in the midst of completing our furnishings, equipment installations, staff training and transitions, our time and operations are limited until we open for full services January 3, 2020. So we’re not able to offer the full program this year. However, through the TCD Blog, I can offer some suggestions for the next four weeks, that may bring a new Season of Hope.

‘Making Your Way Through’ Holiday Survival List first five:

1. Register for a course or class, educational, creative hobby, inspirational, or sport, that will begin in January. Looking forward to a ‘new’ interest by exploring options online, or out in the community, inspires ‘Hope’.

2. If you have a current interest, or need new healthy social relationships and ‘friendships, visit the website: Meetup , millions of people, and many in a community or town near you, share common interests and activities.

3. Organize a shared cookie bake, with your co-workers, friends, neighbors, of members of your faith. Each person bakes 6-12 dozen of their favorite cookies, and gather together for an ‘exchange’, everyone goes home with a wide variety of cookies and treats without spending the money or time on so many themselves. Our household is challenged with gluten & dairy free, so a group effort with some ‘special cookies’ really helps. This activity can also be to make cookies and take them to those in need, shared in shelters, nursing homes, or assisted living.

4. Explore YouTube and other media options for inspirational stories, music, or videos, and list them on your calendar, journal, or paper, choosing one for each day of the month of December. Watch or listen, feel better. (Avoid as much news, negative or emotionally challenging shows or movies, that will disrupt your thoughts and emotions.) Here’s on that works for me:

5. Let there be light. When you don’t have a fireplace but love the effect, turn on your computer, or tv, or a video, (YouTube) has a wide variety of fireplace scenes, cracking noises, with music inside or outside, as well as mountain and beach camp fires. Feel the imaginary warmth and the light is cheerful and cozy.

I developed the Holiday Survival Kit for a Blue Christmas, over twenty years ago, when my life ‘turned upside down’, and I needed ways to cope through lonely, stressful, and significant losses. Dreading the holidays, crying a lot, sitting in the dark, weary and without a sense of home or belonging, these are the ways that I got through, and had a “New, New, New, New, Christmas.”


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